Welcome to Silver Bay Technologies

We are a group of technologists with over thirty years experience developing custom solutions for enterprise, network, mobile and cloud computing platforms.

  • Our Maxicode and PDF417 barcode encoders are used by many major US retailers, distributors, publishers, insurance companies and state governments in their shipping and documentation operations on their mainframe, unix and legacy computer systems.
  • We have designed and developed many ‘white branded’ applications for our world-wide clients on most mobile platforms including Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Java, and Symbian phones and tablets, as well as both self hosted and cloud hosted SaaS service ‘back ends’.
  • We are also experienced managers and consultants with a reputation for successfully solving a variety of engineering, software, intellectual property and management problems earned by working closely with our clients.

Leveraging our experience from companies such as AT&T Bell Labs, IBM, and Pitney Bowes we endeavor to provide our customers with cost effective solutions on time and on budget.

Perhaps we can help you?

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.