When Kevin and I started Silver Bay Software back in 2008, the revolution in iPhone apps was just beginning, and so we decided to try our hand. Kevin had already established himself as a successful freelance developer and I had been running my consulting practice, “The Durst Group,” since 2005. The results of that first effort can be seen in our Biorhythms app which provides an example of our mobile app development capabilities.

In 2009, we acquired the Maxicode and PDF417 2D encoder business from NeoMedia Technologies – products that we had helped develop and maintain while employees there – and began work on contract mobile applications for a number of clients. We also began designing and building high transaction web services necessary to support modern commercial mobile traffic. In 2011, we decided to roll our individual consulting practices into one company and so became Silver Bay Technologies, a DBA of Silver Bay Software LLC.

So, welcome to our new “web presence.” In the coming days Kevin and I will be posting information, ideas and opinions on a variety of topics related to both technology and business. We hope that you will find these posts interesting, perhaps even useful, and we look forward to your comments. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have need of our software products, contract design and development services and/or consulting services in the areas of engineering, intellectual property and management consulting.

We look forward to hearing from you.