Custom Web Applications

We also develop web service applications, including those capable of reliably supporting high transaction volume mobile apps for inventory, POS, maintenance and ticketing solutions as well as for other applications. We develop these service applications to leverage the high functionality and lower cost of smartphones, tablets and other commercial mobile devices, especially when used in conjunction with high reliability cloud based web services.

We design and implement our server applications in locally hosted, remote hosted and cloud hosted Microsoft and Linux environments using structured Java and C++. We are especially familiar with implementations using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, and are especially experienced  designing and implementing mobile code scanning apps that use barcode symbologies, such as QR and UPC (EAN), to link directly to online sites for additional information, comparison shopping and fulfillment

As for our custom mobile application development, we begin our process by carefully crafting a definitive design specification in consultation with our clients. At the end of this paid process the client owns a tangible design that they can use to either pursue development on their own or with Silver Bay. Based upon this specification we provide a detailed development proposal with payment contingent upon deliverables to scheduled milestones. The result is a well ordered process that brings web applications in to specification, on time and on budget.

If you are interested in developing a custom web application please contact us for a discussion and a quote.

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