Encoding Software

So called “2D”, or “two-dimensional”, barcodes are increasingly used to coordinate the movement of physical goods and documents with automated logistics processes. What began with the adoption of simple “one-dimensional” UPC barcodes, that revolutionized supermarket checkout and inventory, has evolved into the use of more densely formatted “2D barcodes”, such as Maxicode and PDF417, that allow packages and documents to participate directly in the complex dance of logistics. Silver Bay’s encoding software enables a wide range of businesses and government agencies to generate 2D barcodes with their print processes using their existing computer hardware, printers and operating systems.

Silver Bay currently provides encoding software for two popular 2D barcode formats, Maxicode and PDF417:

  • Maxicode Encoding Software – The 2D barcode format used by UPS for high-speed package sortation and logistics
  • PDF417 Encoding Software – A very popular 2D barcode format used for in a variety of applications including:
    • Package sortation (by companies such as FedEx)
    • Driver’s Licenses
    • Auto Inspection and Registration Decals
    • Car Titles
    • Insurance Documents