Maxicode Encoding Software

Our Maxicode encoders, and associated fonts, allow retailers and other shippers to encode their package routing information as UPS Maxicode “2D barcodes’ and then print them using their existing computer systems and printers. This may allow them to qualify for certain UPS incentive programs. To see if this applies to you, check with your UPS representative.

Maxicode exampleMaxiCode is a two-dimensional symbology which can encode about 100 characters of data in an area of one square inch. Within this small space are two MaxiCode components: black and white hexagons that pack information in two directions, and a target-like central pattern that allows the symbol to be easily located at high speeds. One of MaxiCode’s key features is that it can be located and read at high speeds in a large field of view. As a result, it has been adopted as the standard symbology for high-speed sortation by the United Parcel Service (UPS).

Our Maxicode Encoder creates Maxicode symbols on IBM midrange and mainframe platforms and Unix systems, including Linux.  Many high-speed printers are supported, including most IBM, Xerox, and Hewlett-Packard page printers.

The encoder product includes the following features:

  • An easy-to-use API for encoding UPS-required shipping information
  • No file I/O is required
  • High performance operation
  • Complete documentation and sample code
  • Technical support and software updates for licensees

Supported Platforms

Platform Supported Languages
OS/390, z/OS COBOL II, C

Technical information, documentation and samples may be found here.

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